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Before last night, I did not understand why i am so cold. I don't recall it being so hard to shift to being comfortable, indeed, i recall being delighted that it was finally not hot and humid. It does remind me of how -- before the wonderful shade tree was cut down -- our Mountain View apartment's concrete walls held a cool. I would be cold (we didn't run the electric baseboards in that place, but counted on the heat from the surrounding units or a space heater) then step outside to find it wonderfully balmy. Monday, in the sun, it was also quite pleasant outside. Christine and i had afternoon coffee on the front porch.

Last night we used the feather comforter. HA! I did not realize how important being toasty all night was to being warm the next day.

Tonight we might have frost. Nov 7 is the average date of the late quartile first frost so we are still within the bounds of normal for the date.

My Monday day off did not produce significant yard work, but i continue to putter with progress. I did get the bulbs i'd ordered from Old House Gardens in the ground. I hope the lily bulbs -- the native Lilium superbum in particular -- all settle in. I finally planted the fava beans. Weeding the area where the sweet potatoes might have grown was depressing as i could hear and see the seeds falling from the stilt grass. I've decided that i'll wait for the frost to kill the sweet potatoes, then burn as much of the stilt grass in place as i can -- the annoying weed isn't that flammable but surely the application of the weed flamer could encourage it to burn. (It apparently has a high silica content -- which is why it is "unpalatable" and the deer ignore it.)

Wednesday night i tried fried smelt. And... yes, that was something new. I'm thinking a few of the fish might have been just a bit too big to be really enjoyable. They did have the heads removed and were cleaned out, so that was good. Carrie thought they were the best thing ever. I suspect that hot from the fryer they would have been even better. I might order them again. This goes with my curiosity for what smoked mullet tastes like, and wondering if i could enjoy small inexpensive fish more regularly. I dunno. I have had sardines linger in the pantry for years.

We had a Carolina Wren caught by Marlow that we rescued, too late, and it died. The next day my sister had the same with their young car. Wednesday evening, driving home, we thought we hit a bird but when we got home it was a small, dead bat caught under the windshield wiper. I witness their deaths and hope i can also create a space for critters to thrive. I found several Eastern worm snakes while raking leaves over the weekend, and we continue to rescue anoles and skinks from Marlowe.

Edward has had a cold and we did get some antibiotics for him, but Christine gets terribly distressed by the force feeding of the liquid meds down his throat. We stopped after i squirted it down his throat and possibly in his airway. He's much better, but i worry about not doing the full course of antibiotics. If i could hold him and dose him that would be better, but he is a very big cat. Well, i will try not to worry and maybe next time i will be a little better at dosing.
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