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Notes in the perennial inventory

As a sense of scale, the coleus -- the magenta plant with the yellow green flower s sticking up -- is about 3 foot high and wide.

Major maintenance on front porch garden bed. Left annual impatiens and coleus alone. Weeded bases of hellebores, bugbanes, lady fern, and Christmas fern near steps. Moved moss to base of plants. Piled old wet pinestraw around plants and flamed the rest of the weeds. Removed pine straw to back of bed. Planted a Christmas fern (one that was rescued before the porch work and spent the summer in the sunchokes) under the window at the back for winter focus. Planted the new "forever purple" Heuchera and the rehabbed 'lemon love' Heurcha in soil amended from the "worm" bin. Assembled low cages for them for herbivory protection for a while. Planted stonecrop "Boogie woogie" close to the border. Might not get sun until next spring. Hopefully it will cope. Mulched with the two bales of pinestraw.

"Christmas fern (FrtE, 110)",
"Christmas fern (FrtE, 111)",
"Bugbane 'Brunette' (FrtE, 109)",
"Southern Lady fern (FrtE, 116)",
"Bugbane 'Pink spike' (FrtE, 112)",
"Heuchera x 'Lemon Love' (FrtE, 117)",
"Heuchera Forever® Purple (FrtE, 114)",
"Helleborus X 'Winter Delights Violet' (FrtE, 120)",
"Helleborus 'Tropical Sunset' HONEYMOON® Series (FrtE, 118)",
"Sedum 'Boogie Woogie' PPAF CPBRAF ROCK 'N GROW® Collection (FrtE, 119)"

Only a few of the plants were on the perennial list, none in the inventory. So not only did the work in the garden take a while, but the documentation took a while. If the plants live, it will be worth the time investment in the record. Planning the front garden spanned the note taking period from Evernote, to markdown, to airtable.

I don't get notes in the log as frequently as i like, but it's getting easier.

--== ∞ ==--

Woke this morning to find the heat on.

Speaking of Evernote, i missed canceling and was charged for this next year. Argh.
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