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Wow, that week flew by. Work work work.

Today i had some time in the yard, the garden. I transplanted some very leggy lacinato kale that survived the summer and neglect. I have a theory that i could plant them deeply and the stems will root. We'll see. They wilted pretty quickly.

The parsley i found in the weeds wilted when transplanted. I moved sochan (cut-leaf coneflower) volunteers to the east end of the rows -- closest to the woods, furthest from the house. Despite cutting down trees south of the garden in hopes to make sure it had sun, the east side of the garden clearly suffers from the shade. So, maybe the right thing to do is try and put shade-friendly perennials at the end of all those rows.

A wildflower called Devil's Grandmother or Elephant's Foot (Elephantopus tomentosus) has been sprouting in the garden. I've let it grow and now am transplanting it to places i'd love it to do well. I love it's low flat rosette of leaves and its single stem with little purple puffs of flowers. The problem is that the rosette goes away in the winter, which means my weedy nemesis Indian (as in India) strawberry can cover the ground while it's away. It also likes dry places, so mulching over winter seems unlikely to be a good match. I moved several plants to a place by the driveway which seems like a good fit. I will continue to try and think of other places it could thrive.

I watered the wilting transplants.

Rain was predicted. I looked at the weather map and saw nothing on radar in North Carolina, i looked at the sky. Very blue, no sign of the rain predicted at three pm. I came inside for a lunch break and stepped back outside. Ah, yes, it *is* going to rain. I bustled around, mowing as much stilt grass hiding in the lawn as i could.

The rain started at 3:05. Most of the cells went north of us, we didn't really get hit by much. It's now cooler and drier outside: the windows are open. Frog and insect chorus fills the night, occasional long woosh as a vehicle passes by. I miss the cool nights sleeping with windows open in California. Even on the rare occasions when we could now, Christine dislikes the drafts.

Rare, because the dew point has to be such that it's not going to be sopping wet in the morning, humidity needs to be low relative to the usual house humidity, and it can't be freezing -- which is usually when the air dries out.

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I do not need a new computer, hopefully for many more years, but when i do, i'm admiring https://frame.work/. The modular bays are brilliant.
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