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The late white aster is making a show these days. I love when the asters finally explode into a bright whiteness. I still have some other yellow flowers - golden rod and bidens, i think - blooming in the meadow, but the white asters are at peak. I think they are Symphyotrichum pilosum var. pilosum (frost aster).

I did get some plants in the ground yesterday, apparently more of a workout than i expected. So stiff! Didn't get back out later because my heart was racing after lunch and i just felt poorly. I will mention my Dad's heart issues to the doctor and will note this event. Piffle.

Wasps have found the figs: it's a bit of a challenge to pick when they are active.

First loaf from Kitta Grau showing where the top was pushed up. Seven seconds of "thumping" (a sign of doneness) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hod6R1h33nI.

The loaf of rye is edible, but a gummy brick. It tastes good, so there is that. But the culture didn't have any lift. I think my rye flour needs more water than the recipe calls for, so in the future i will not merely trust that the recipe will work out, but will add water. I had gone forward with the bread making because there was some structure in the sponges, even though no lift. No rise when i proofed, as well. Perhaps i need a warmer home for proofing and keeping the sponges. I'll reread The Rye Baker to get temperatures for those steps. And order an oven temperature gauge. I could have sworn i had one.

In the photo, you can see how FINALLY, in the oven, the bread finally decided to expand.

Maybe i will cheat with some yeast in later stages on the next try. Admittedly, in my ponderings about my sensitivities to bread but not gluten, a sensitivity to yeast has seemed possible. It's part of my willingness to fight for the no-wheat added rye bread.
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