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bread notes

So, attempting a Vilnius rye today. The techniques for the all rye (well, no wheat) breads i admire generally involve souring -- fermenting -- much of the dough in stages. I started the first stage this morning. Again, i had the experience of the texture seeming not quite right and lacking water. I added more culture and water maybe a third of the way into the time, and i think i will "restart the clock" then. Except i am not waking in the middle of the night to start the second sponge. It can ferment until i wake.

This probably doesn't spell success, but we'll see.

I did make waffles from the discard from much of last week. I added molasses: yum! I do wonder if i should bother trying for loaves, and just waffle the fermented rye flour.

In other challenges, I have a big container of rye flour that had been sitting in the bottom of the pantry -- think ten or fifteen pounds or so, at least. It's from a 25 pound bag from right before the pandemic. At least five gallons if not larger. Last week i opened it to decant some for use. Today when i opened it, weevils were at the top. UGH. They aren't in a clear plastic bag of flour that i filled when i filled the bucket -- i guess they got in when i opened it? I took the bucket outside and scraped off the top inch or so, hoping that the problems went with the surface layer. I'll know soon as i can check the containers i decanted into today.

And, in roasting old malted rye, i went pretty much past toasted. But, whatever.
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