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Happy belated birthday to Oursin, whose daily wishes to others are a kind and joyful post many days.

And congratulations to Oracne, whose new novella Finding Refuge gave me a delightful break Monday evening. Oracne’s tale of after the adventure is over is the journey, and adventure, of healing. I appreciated the depiction of the work it takes to accept safety.

Meanwhile, I am supercranky and technology is annoying me. Not using my preferred input today.

Monday had challenges getting to email without opening my usual client (because it would remove mail from the cloud, just before sending the machine for repair, and not in the backup from the evening). I need to straighten out some passwords. I do have the iPad set up to access my main mailboxes, but I hate writing on this thing.

The machine is now getting a new battery and won't be back... until this weekend? I know I am whining about privileged problems here, and that all will be easier soon, and the slow boat my new laptop for work is taking will arrive sometime, too, and maybe I will have more ease during the workday, too.

The good news is one project I have been involved with is now out for community review, and my 3.5 minutes of presentation is over. (Public speaking, on zoom or in person, is not comfortable for me. Asking questions is just fine, but speaking….) I don’t know what the response will be (“we can’t do more” was the hint of a response in the questions) but I don’t know that comments will lead us to change much. Anyhow, a month during whic I am free of feeling like I should be doing more.

I, I , I. Auto correct is out of my control here. Thanks standardization.
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