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Lunch adventure - no, not eating out yet. This was eating some produce.

First there are Tough Beans. It's hard to find the green beans, and i'm leaving some that seem far too mature for dried beans. But there's the borderline beans, where there are lumps in the bean pod from the seeds forming, but not yet looking past the green stage.

Then there's the between-stage squash. The vine died before it got to the mature winter squash stage, but it was past the summer squash stage.

Finally, there's pulverized okra, made from the too tough pods.

So, a soup: a couple cups of water, a cup of squash cubes, the tough beans, and a tablespoon of okra powder, salt, and my herb seasoning mix.

Um, too much okra powder. The ... slime ... was just a little too much. The squash is just on the edge of too old, but i think i can eat it this week. The beans were perfect.

Conclusion: the powdered okra did thicken up the soup. It's worth making, especially since it's compact dry storage. I can imagine with tomato paste it could be really quite pleasant.
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Tags: cooking, eating notes

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