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[Wednesday morning] Dad just called, he has cut one thing short then another, and now he expects to be home in four hours: i don't need to go care for mom this afternoon. Yesterday's lunch was a fail as i put in far too much "Better than bullion" in the hot and sour soup -- so very very salty. Adding rice did nothing. I poured the left overs over even more rice and will try something like scorched rice a la liminal_space.

Yellow: the tulip poplars have had leaves here and there turn yellow. Some visible on my drives are even more dappled, as are occasional sweet gums. Many fall flowers glow yellow, and tobacco is a pale yellow green. I've passed a school bus turned to open bed truck, with a tarp over the tobacco harvest, with a leaf blowing out every few thousand feet. Elms and black cherries are turning, the elms brown and the cherries a gold that quickly goes to brown. Not whole trees a-glow, but a leaf here and there that promptly falls. One elm has looked oddly unwell, and i finally noticed the leaves are being skeletonized, eaten by (presumably) elm leaf beetles.

[Friday morning] Midmorning on Wednesday we had a power outage and i just felt all the misery of my body. I'm not entirely sure how much was stress vs stress triggered conditions vs conditions, and i'm not sure it matters. I took the day off to cope with the head and digestive distress.

Yesterday i plowed through meetings. The acute complaints had faded and the weather was beautiful (still is) but my energy is pooled through the floor.

I had been losing weight (extremely slowly) through a process i call intention. Just the intention was enough to help me manage stress eating without using too much mental energy (because i don't have it). I need to give myself a little pep talk about boosting my intention (now that i've finished the box of See's candy) because i really really liked the very slow weight loss. I think i haven't been active except for Labor Day weekend, and that's probably part of it.

[Friday midday] I think i've finally made it through email from one volunteer thing and conference prep email. We just had an elephant stampede, and while i am thankful no elephats were sighted during the caring for mom period and my feeling dreadful, i have a small resentment about elephants showing up for the weekend.

Feeling so very behind on everything.
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