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Breakfast and lunch (eating notes)

I go through breakfast phases, and it seems like i've been eating the meal forever, but in fact, not.

Right now i have Fage 0% yogurt with either Fiber cereal or Wasa bread for breakfast. When i first open the tub of yogurt, i take the first serving of yogurt out the center, making a well. I'm likely to have this first serving with cereal. The next serving, i pour off the whey that has drained into the well into the cereal. The remaining yogurt is much more solid and i eat it spread on the Wasa bread.

In ... May? June? i made a powder from dried onion greens, celery, and sage. I dusted that on the top for a while. Then i ground up dehydrated strawberries with a little cornstarch and sugar. That became something to alternate with the bright green herb powder. For the past ... month? i've been tearing open fresh figs as a topping.

--== ∞ ==--

Lunches are a little more diverse. Right now okra from the garden features prominently, frequently pan seared. I'm just learning about scrambled silken tofu, and i seems OK. Sweet potatoes are a quick solution, whether just zapped or -- if i plan in advance -- i can have a bunch roasted in the oven that's easy to reheat.

And then there are usually plenty of leftovers.

This week there was plenty of left overs and i was too distracted and busy to bother with getting lunch out.

--== ∞ ==--

For lunch this week with mom, i'm planning

- hot and sour soup (and rice?)
- a pumpkin-coconut mousse: because there's a can of pumpkin that been languishing in the pantry, ditto coconut cream. The mousse is cooler than a pumpkin-coconut milk soup, and mom has a sweet tooth, and this might be a way to get her to eat a veg.
- and then roast sweet potato & okra, which is way veg.

Hopefully that will be different from what Dad fixes and yummy.
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