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Cursed data and software UIs (354)

So, first, found that my todo list table was missing the notes column. Cue data loss horror. It was also missing some other columns, no idea how i deleted them. I suspect i simply wanted to hide them in a view and had distractedly deleted instead. Well.

Fortunately, snapshots of previous versions available, few significant changes, and with some fiddling i was able to restore to well enough. (All notes. Some other task management fiddles not restored for done todos.

This was distracting, and led me down a few other distractions in personal data management. And then i decided i had too much mail in the immediate in-box and i should move it to the "i'll get to it" in box (off the servers and onto my laptop). Instead, i moved it to the 2021 archive.

NO. Fie.

And - NO don't "undo"! - (Sometimes messages get lost when being pushed back to a server in an undo, i've learned.)

Right. That's fate, i suppose. This is all personal email and i'm "behind" with everything, so i'll just let that be email bankruptcy yet again.

Oh, fie, almost deleted something else in another app. The "x" to close a stupid window in the way vs the "x" to delete might be part of the problem. I know in one program i keep clearing a configuration because i want to remove the configuration pane and click the "x" -- which closes the pane AND removes the config.

My nemesis 35mereld4 must be at work.

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