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While the weekend weather -- Saturday at least -- was splendid, i spent the days inside at the keyboard. Not on paid work, where i could really stand to make some inroads, but ostensibly on looking into places that could provide care for my mother and grandmother. I posit that if Grandmámá needs to go into assisted living (because dad's cousin is "retiring" at age 80 to go to her own home and kids) she might as well do it in NC.

I resurrected my coding environment which i hadn't used since January, and used GIS APIs to get distances from Dad's current home for places in a medicaid/medicare database (these turned out to be skilled nursing, more appropriate for Mom) and from the state licensing database. I learned all about the specific terminology, read everything at the NIH National Institute on Aging website and made notes, and finally started looking at websites.

One style of website became really obvious as i looked. A dark blue theme, like at https://silercityseniors.com/ , the same text, similar pictures. All owned by different holding companies. Many of them showed up in what i thought was a comprehensive search site when i was looking for skilled nursing, but the web sites have no indication of this. Many have lower state scores. I've decided that website design hints at a coordinated management but that legal structure is designed to create the sense of small independent companies -- likely shielding assets -- while actually being one widespread entity. Nope, i'm not considering these.

Then there ate all the continuing care retirement communities. That's right out, i'm pretty sure, for both Mom whom i am pretty sure needs skilled nursing, and Grandmámá (who doesn't, but the large upfront fee makes no sense for her).

And of course, all of these places want high-touch interactions just to get pricing and availability.

--== ∞ ==--

I was happy to get some scripting back.

We watched The Walk, a flim about the highwire walk between the two Trade Center towers, on Friday night. Christine listened to John Adams' On the Transmigration of Souls, watched the televised ceremonies, and then began watching a minute by minute documentary by National Geographic (along with the 9/11 Commission? and the museum?) for some hours. I stopped periodically to observe with her.

Dad visited, and we chatted.

I roasted a tiny delecta squash that volunteered in the garden, okra from the garden, and sweet potato, onion , and baking potatoes on Sunday for lunch for a few days.

We watched a documentary on Hilma af Klint (1862–1944), pioneer of abstract art and mystic. We will likely get the catalog from the Guggenheim show, after renting the documentary to watch it, Christine bought it. The art must be incredibly stunning in person -- the scale! -- while the images sing like my favorites of Kandinsky.

I'm skimming an article about her and find,

"Outside of a few small
shows mainly in Sweden,
her paintings were only first
exhibited in public in 1986
in Los Angeles as part of
Maurice Tuchman’s large,
revelatory show “The Spirit
in Art: Abstract Painting
1890-1985” (which trav-
eled to Chicago and The
Hague) – 42 years after
the death of af Klint."

I saw that show! It was one of the first major art shows i attended, and i still have the catalog. Ha!

Anyhow, must get moving.
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