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We had movie night last night, and watched Percy and Goliath with my sister's family and the stuck-in-America three of my brother's family. They get to return to Singapore and two weeks of quarantine in a hotel on the 19th of this month.

A panorama photo with significant distortion of chairs, projector, and screen crammed on our 15" x 15" deck

The movie was rather laconic. I would have liked to hear more about his jars of seeds and what i presume was a germination test bed. Visually, it celebrated wide open spaces, sky and field. There were hints at the politics of the environmental group, but not much on the internal dramas there. The legal tension didn't really build. I think of the fiction Miss Sloan (2019) with a cut throat lobbyist throwing her career behind gun control. That was dramatic. This, not so much. The New York Times' review concludes with the small print, "Rated PG-13. No sex, no guns, no bad words and no idea why the rating."

in·ure | əˈn(y)o͝or | (also enure)
1 [with object] (usually be inured to) accustom (someone) to something, especially something unpleasant: these children have been inured to violence.

Yup. That's the right word.

My brain just sidles around the Texas law, trying not to think about how the legal "theory" it might be used against gender nonconforming folks. I have been mildly amused by "flipping the script" proposals, but i don't want to see such nonsense. [personal profile] dewline and [personal profile] conuly point to [personal profile] wendelah1's post for support of healthcare access in Texas, which is a thing to do, and i am heartened to see that GoDaddy (cough, cough) is no longer supporting one of the tipline websites.

[personal profile] oursin linked to this article about 1950s and current science having ... practitioners believing menstrual blood is toxic, and i don't even....

Spent much of yesterday in the yard. Christine mowed the orchard on Thursday so i had time to do some hand weeding in places. We have a propane tank now and a flame thrower flame weeder. A short experiment has convinced me it should only be used while the ground is wet from dew. Christine is usually cautious, especially with combustibles: i don't think she'd get me such a powerful thing. I don't know if i dare use it anywhere but the drive and brick walk. Still, better than salt or poison.
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