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This green photo is presented small because of resolution issues (thanks Samsung, for conflating aspect ratio settings with the resolution). There's a blurry pale purple dab -- that's a passion flower growing on the fence -- and a pale green blur -- that's a hummingbird. I was delighted to see a pair chasing each other around in the back yard. They also seemed to enjoy the fading blossoms on the second flush of the garden phlox.

I'm probably going to regret letting passion flowers twine up the fence.

Christine's shown me how to get the resolution the camera is capable of... i'm still not certain it could have been better at the distance i was shooting.

--== ∞ ==--

I took the entry study "tests" for the Alzheimer prevention trials webstudy. My sense is that my short term memory is so terrible, getting a baseline early will prevent confusion later on. "She's always not been able to keep a number in her head for 20 seconds, this isn't a progression" is what i hope to establish. It's nice to have found a way to do this.

I probably ought to be doing something to work on my memory as a game at night instead of Suduko with all the hints populated. I've reduced it to pattern matching, which is easy for me. I was so terribly bad at the "have you seen this card before" test. Note to everyone, this is a good person to play at poker -- there's no way i'm going to be card counting any time soon.

--== ∞ ==--

There is Rudbeckia laciniata (Cutleaf Coneflower) blooming on the far side of the berm outside our bedroom window. The yellow petaled* flowers are more likely to have five than fifteen petals. Held up against the dark green woods by the dark green stems and with the dark green centers, it's almost as if someone has painted the petals in the air.

* not true petals, i know.

It is raining -- washing pollen from "ragweed, chenopods, and grasses" out of the air. (I ought to be taking my inhaler instead of celebrating rain.

My toe really hurts where i ripped the nail half off a week or so ago. Is it infected? How? I don'wanna have to go to the doctor to get antibiotics. It throbbed when i woke in the night; not sure if it woke me.

I dreamed of situations around people -- dream-asserted as family, maybe the energy from some of my mother's cousins and sister? -- where no one was wearing a mask and when i realized i wasn't, i became distressed. Pfftt. Thanks COVID.

I'm tagging this depression even though it's disgruntlement or dissatisfaction. The mental framing leads to depression if i'm not attentive.
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