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Zoom. Weekend.


* Sweet potato salad: i made with somewhat-soft microwaved sweet potato, tomatoes, cucamelons (aka Mexican gherkins), and raw okra. Not bad and i'll repeat tomorrow with the other half of the sweet potato. I'm sure a more planned salad would be much more delightful. Roasted sweet potato, to start with. Also, perhaps roasted white beans or chickpeas.

* Raw okra is not bad at all. I foresee much more okra as salad. I don't have an abundance of okra such that i'm inspired to eat the flowers yet, but the leaves seem interesting. I just get all whiny about having to strip stems and veins. Okra thoughts brought to you by
Smith, Chris. The Whole Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration. White River Junction, Vermont: Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019.

* Malabar spinach needs to be dehydrated at vegetable temperatures, not herb temperatures. Also, heaven only knows how long this would take if it was not so terribly humid outside.

* My sister is making plans for my mother's birthday and proposing a
...1960s dress up party! She [Mom] absolutely loves 1960s music when we exercise and shower. I think it would be so fun. We can see their pictures from that time, listen to music, eat hippy food (bonus for us), maybe read some beat poetry 🤟

I would go beatnik style. I think my sister is focusing on the late 60s, when my parents were already parents. I suspect earlier 60's is more the style they remember. Definitely have photos of Dad looking very beat.

* Meanwhile, i've started hemming/crocheting the length of spoonflower fleece i bought as a lap blanket for mom's birthday gift.

* Also, what is hippy food? 60's food? I can manage veggie sausage links in a blanket, carrots with pimento cheese, and onion dip! Honestly, i think Mom would prefer we use all her lovely dishes and whatnot, but she never raised us to enjoy the cleaning up part of it.

* Peaches in vodka have been decanted, the peaches pureed and mixed with simple syrup, and the remaining liquid is very pleasant - a shot in half a can of seltzer garnished with a nice wedge of dehydrated peach was lovely. I do wonder what the liquid's alcohol content is and whether all the liquids should be in the fridge with the puree. It seems much more peachy and far less alcoholic. "Alcoholic" is a poor descriptor, but my words for vodka are insufficient. Paint strippery? A mimed action of that sense of all the cells in the back of ones throat having the water displaced?

* Black walnut leaves and yarrow in vodka are mellowing, too. Yay for bitters!

* I am curious whether onion seeds and parsley seeds are edible. I didn't get a celery seed crop despite trying. I'm hoping that enough fell in the garden to add to my self-seeding cilantro collection. I can't manage to get dill going: so disappointing. Reading about onion seed lead me to Nigella damascena for which i've seen open pollinated seed for sale. That's another spice i might be able to grow easily.

Meanwhile, a small rabbit hole on sprouters this morning. I have one i am satisfied with but wanted a second for sprouting onion seed in small quantities (since it's slower to germinate, etc). I finally decided a jar lid would be the most efficient (have jars, less plastic) and was furrowing my brow at prices and the thought of more plastic. Getting one or two designed with drainage feet, etc was pricy compared to batches of six, but i didn't need six... and then i realized i have food safe stainless steel screen. I can make my own.

* I'm having a hard time motivating myself to do the stretches i've been prescribed. Also, meditation. The social pressure of a bunch of other people being still can't be discounted.
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