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I can't believe the week flew by quite so fast.

Dad tested negative for COVID, so that was a massive relief. I saw him after the test on Tuesday and we sat on the front porch and talked. He had the results on Wednesday.

Tuesday morning i found a box turtle making its way across our driveway in the morning. They aren't as fast as the rabbits, for sure, but they aren't as slow as comics and cartoons make them out. I'd like to see a race between a box turtle and a human scaled down to the same mass.

Wednesday i thought Marlowe had killed a Carolina wren. I got it from her, and when it stirred, i was startled, and it escaped me. Flew all around the office (Christine's studio B and my personal desk i never use). There's a border design of a grapevine swag at the top of the room -- it tried to land on it several times. It was adorable on the strings of the 12 string guitar. Eventually it went through the window to the screened porch, and out the porch door. Yay.

Then Marlow brought it in again. Clearly, it didn't really get clear of the predator zone.

This time we kept it trapped on the porch while i had a meeting. I caught it in the butterfly net (after may failed attempts, while not trying to be terrifying), and released it some ways away from the fenced area. While it could fly, it wasn't fully fledged.

Deer were Thursday's wildlife. I saw one grazing on the driveway weeds (I so covet a flame thrower weeder, and Christine's come around) and Christine saw eight when she went to walk Carrie.

I think she is so brave to go out into the UGH, into the humidity. This morning it felt like a bath room in which someone else had just finished having a long hot shower. Current self wishes the long evenings could be packaged up and saved for pleasant weather, especially now as the night draws in on both sides of the day.

I did stay out long enough to pick figs! Figs! I was so glum at the thought i would be waiting until October. They were all high in the tree so i gave the picker a go. It's better than not getting the fruit, and i might get better with practice, but it was easy to tear the figs apart, or have the stem pull skin away from the fruit. And i did pick a few too early. Then there were two that i just couldn't quite manage -- and they turned out to be right next to a wasp nest. Righto, not thrilled about that discovery, but glad i wasn't on a ladder with it in my face when i discovered it.
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