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In continental US weather websites, i find the summary of record and near record high/low temperature predictions at https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/exper/ndfd/ndfd.html to be interesting. The caveat at the bottom underscores the annoyance of prediction days (which is how rain gauge readings also skew) vs calendar days.

No news overnight of C-- and others. C-- and Grandmámá have been vaccinated (ditto my father and mother), so C has a breakthrough infection. She apparently has very dry nasal passages, so initial tests did not find COVID; x-rays are what confirmed it. I am hoping the dry nasal passages mean that she is also not sharing her viral load widely, but it's grasping.

Anyhow, lots going on at work. And i will get to all the okra in the garden at lunch, hopefully having enough time to get some on the dehydrator. There's going to be okra pearls -- seeds, stripped form the pods -- for eating alone for sure.

I am happy to says that suddenly the sweet potato vines have taken off. Have the hawks and owls gotten all the rabbits? Not all, for sure. Maybe there's something yummy elsewhere?

And i harvested two drying lima bean pods which showed the lovely variation in the seed coat patterns.

Mainly i spent the weekend at the computer tracking down financial things for a mortgage refinance, including a delinquency charge that has suddenly shown up associated with an address at which we have never lived. That, and i now have files synchronizing with an AWS git repository, which is an EXTREMELY cost effective cloud backup strategy -- if you have the tech chops for it. Github allows creating a public repository, which isn't not a frequent desire, but AWS offers excellent tools for managing access. This includes giving Christine access. And Christine doesn't need to know GIT 'cause she can use the website, which renders the markdown in html. Unlike github, the AWS CodeCommit only renders the README.md and not index.md, but if i start the web of connections from the root directory, it should be easily navigated. Anyhow, one more step to killing off evernote: I am now down to 10,000 notes in Evernote.
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Tags: covid-19, f&f, garden, geek, health

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