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Small green apple covered with sooty blotch and flyspeck sits on a scale reading 5.3 lbs

I picked the first apple of any size from the remaining tree from the previous two owners. The peach tree was dead our first year -- the brutal branch trimming surely part of what did it in. The apple near the sidewalk was rotten and we cut it down after a few years. But the last tree, even loosing so many leaves due to cedar apple rust -- it has apples high in the tree.

In other news, we bought me a ticket to Tampa and then canceled it tonight. There were about two hours where we didn't know why my Dad's cousin C-- had gone to the emergency room and whether we'd need someone in Florida. We assumed it had something to do with her continuing kidney issues. Christine arranged airplane tickets while i did loads of laundry. Then we found out. As i told my siblings:

me: C-- has been at the hospital and has been diagnosed with COVID. She is being treated and released home. I am on stand by to go to Florida if needed.
brother: Home with GMM?
me: I will urge Dad to get a COVID test ASAP.
me: YES.
me: Dad has been tired
brother: Hfs
me: He has blamed it on Oral surgery
me: Dad is on phone with the woman staying with Grandmama
me: I had bean planning to fly down when it seemed it might be C---'s kidney.

I asked the doctor:
My father was in Florida Sat Aug 7 with his cousin and his mother. We visited with Dad Wed Aug 11. Today we find his cousin was diagnosed at the hospital in Florida with COVID. I believe my father should get tested for COVID: he's been very tired but has attributed it to oral surgery he had on Thursday. Should I and Christine also get tested?


Also, my dad called it "covig," confirming the "g" by spelling it There was a bit of time spent on, "wait what?" and confirming he meant COVID.

I am most proud of talking my dad out of DRIVING to Florida himself.
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