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As i reread yesterday's post i see i tightly connected current events to the release of the idea of receiving a bequest. That actually happened a year ago when Grandmámá's husband died and my father described how long Grandmámá's funds would hold out.

Also, Christine interacted with the dealership investigating trade ins and was terribly disappointed, to being soured on everything. This would be related to the Sunday elephant stampede, and essentially riled all the elephants back up. It's going to take a while to get back to baseline.

(Reminder, "elephants" for "elephants in the room," where Christine is doing an admirable job continuing to work on some issues that were overwhelmed her ... seven? years ago. The improvement in these years has been significant, especially when i think back to where she was four years ago. But it still affects our lives and thus my short hand.)

I saw a physical therapist this morning for back pains. I'd partly solved the issue with a minute increase in the chair height, but her analysis is much more holistic as is her solution. I trust her so much, partly because she talks and notices issues i know exist without me telling her. I saw her first just before the pandemic: maybe this time i can develop a regular practice.

I may test picking a apples tonight with my 12 foot pole and new fruit picker device. I need to water -- and i need to water BEFORE i am thinking about getting the tank empty for forecast rain.
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Tags: elephant, f&f, fina, garden, health

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