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In an hour yesterday my dad went from thinking about going to Fl to see his mom who is fading, to being in the car. I went over for a quick overlap with him and B-- the woman he's hired to help. I stayed and took over when B-- left at one, and then left in the evening, just after 8 pm, after a little overlap time with my sister. The car wouldn't go over 40 mph, which is a little slow for some of the back roads. I slowly drove, with flashers blinking, to the garage, and Christine met up and followed me for the last bit (a highway where my slow speed would be more unexpected -- but at least there was a second lane for passing).

I'm out of sorts this morning and haven't started work. Somewhat distracted by plans for the rest of the day and weekend.

The NY Times daily newsletter had depressing to worrisome news about the state of the Amazon rain forest and the carbon impact: essentially that we may be reaching a systemic tipping point where the stable ecosystem for the region may be savanna and not rain forest. Covid news yesterday wasn't delightful either. I think back to driving home, listening to an NPR news segment about the vaccines late last December and the utter relief and hope that washed through me. Now days i read the county newsletter and find people advocating for "conventional vaccines" as the latest in "why i won't get a shot." As i drove home, i listened to a caller who left a recorded message for some public radio program. His anger was apparent, but held in check, as he underscored how other's freedom was impacting his -- and his daughter approaching school age.

My sister has let me know of more scheduling changes, as B-- has had a flat tire. Joy.
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Tags: covid-19, f&f, household, mom and caa

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