E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Feeling rather cranky.

Evernote managed to find new ways to fail to perform as previously expected.

Corporate Town Hall (which is the new name for dog and pony shows) ended with extemporaneous thoughts from our fearless leader that i just can't begin to explain why i am aghast without making him sound worse than he is.... Just no, it is not appropriate to bring up George Floyd's death explicitly and enthuse about what we are doing as part of making changes in our part of our industry.

Trying to upgrade work laptop and probably stupidly decided to backup to the cloud drive, when probably TimeMachine will work, but i don't understand Apple's Time Machine, so i made a huge compressed file and the machine is whining as it tries to move it to the cloud.

Ugh, i signed up for some second party financial advice with my company's retirement plan vendor, and it is (1) stupid (2) won't let you say "no, that's not my goal" and (3) has no way to cancel the account. Which, thank heavens i bailed early, because if one lashed all the accounts up to it so it could analyze your financial life AND THEN i discovered i couldn't delete my data -- geeze louise.

Then the health care website tells me i should have tests done that my doctor does regularly and just -- for crying out loud.


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