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Bats will be remaining where they are; roofer has assured my dad that the bats are just under the tiles and above the sealed roof.

My parents stopped by after a medical appointment to see the trombocino squash that are climbing the smaller crepe myrtle trees. I'd shown this photo to them on Monday.

I processed six of the peaches for drying yesterday. The pectin-sugar dip seems to be a win for producing brightly colored peach slices. I need to be more consistent about slice width - i think i will not do wedges next time but half rings. We bought some Southern Comfort to pickle some in (with a vanilla bean, i'm thinking), and i plan to make another jar with vodka, cinnamon, and ginger. I bought Vietnamese cinnamon from The Spice House online vendor without doing much comparison shopping or thinking. I hope we enjoy that cinnamon! What a splurge. Next time i see i should buy the stronger, higher proof bourbon.

Plenty of okra in the garden last night. Lima beans are thriving. These are Violet's Multicolored Butterbeans from 2018 seeds Dad passed to me. It's possible i gave the seeds to them. I was initially planning just to let them all dry, but there is enough vine out of my reach that can have drying beans.

Must focus on work, have not been very productive the past few days (well, have been letting myself be distracted.)

I need to write up notes about Tuesday's therapy. Attending to the joy of my life and not so much the weight of everything. Not sure how to do this. I know at the 5 thousand foot level that our life is incredibly fortunate or blessed, but up close i overwhelm myself with gottas and critical observations that sap joy.
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