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The return drive home with my nephew was delightful but intense with an extended stretch of driving in a deluge in Florida and another stretch of terrible traffic in South Carolina. But otherwise we had a good time and enjoyed seeing the drama of different landscapes. We stopped in Darien, GA and appreciated the charm of the pre-revolutionary war port and thought about returning to explore the historical and natural sites. Saturday we went to the near by Sapelo Island landing which includes a small museum. We stopped in Savannah for brunch, and then at a farmer's market where i bought MANY peaches. Sunday i just rested, reading up on different ways of handling the bushel of peaches. So far i've applied lessons from these sites:

* “DON’T THROW AWAY THOSE PEACH PEELS AND PITS!” https://www.dvo.com/newsletter/weekly/2016/9-23-411/cooknart3.html.
* Tastes Better From Scratch. “How to Peel Peaches,” July 30, 2020. https://tastesbetterfromscratch.com/how-to-peel-peaches/.
* Instagram. “Old-Fashioned Peach Pie.” Simply Recipes. https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/peach_pie/.
* Tom. “The Best Way to Ripen Peaches.” Tall Clover Farm (blog), July 5, 2008. https://tallcloverfarm.com/74/the-best-way-to-ripen-peaches.

The peaches are just ripening. Yesterday i made a pie. Today i will dehydrate peaches dipped in a pectin-sugar mix (Healthy Canning. “Fruit Drying Pre-Treatments.” https://www.healthycanning.com/fruit-drying-pretreatments/ and the rest of the pages on drying food are excellent summaries of other sources) and dry slices for snacking, skins and pits for tea. I've been saving skins and pits to make a juice that may become a vinegar syrup (shrub) or a base for jelly. Or hard candy. So many options!

Monday i took off and did chores and visited with Mom & Dad. The garden had a large patty pan squash and lots of okra, so i roasted the squash and tender okra and a sad russet potato from the pantry. Two thirds of the okra was tough, so i pulled out the pearls and have over a cup of okra pearls (seeds) for adding to my next okra dishes. I might dehydrate them for winter soups. I think i will have a decent crop of lima beans, and the Trombocino squash is up in crepe myrtles dangling two long sqaush.

My sister has been with Grandmámá since i left. She and her daughter E are bored. The water leak turned out to be from the water heater, and was easily repaired. I think the impact of water on the slab is being considered as Someone Else's Problem, that will go away when the house is sold. I have had waves of recognizing that the hug i received as i left might be the last hug i get from Grandmámá. Here's a video my sister took of the bats returning home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwIceMblnRE
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