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A soft gold and blue sky, an oak, and a house on a corner in Cheraw, SC
More sky, sandy road, field

Something about Cheraw caught my eye as i drove through. It might have just been the light as the sun set in the next fifteen minutes. On the other hand, Wikipedia notes, "It has been nicknamed 'The Prettiest Town in Dixie'." I imagined making a road trip to Cheraw in some future summer to photograph the lushness of southern summer days. It's on US Highway 1, a road of some history in the US, which attracted my attention ever since i was a child, and i have wanted to drive its length at some point.

I talked to my friend B about going to Key West (before it is washed away) -- that is the southern terminus of US Highway 1.

Now i ponder a loop drive, take US 1 north to Fredericksburg, VA, get on US 17 and follow the Rappahanock to the Chesapeake Bay, then down through North Carolina and Williamston (great oyster bar there) and then to New Bern (old port on the Neuse), Jacksonville (old port on the brief 50 mile long New River -- which is not the important New River in North Carolina in the Mississippi watershed), skirting the coast of South Carolina and Georgia, crossing US 1 in Jacksonville. While the route 17 takes from Jacksonville looks interesting -- taking the west side of the ST Johns, then crossing Florida's peninsula heading south west through Orlando to unfamiliar to me parts of Florida, i think that would be the point to head back to NC on US 1.

That would be a pleasure.

And i have sufficiently distracted myself at this point that i must get to my day.

Yesterday i did get a bit overstressed:

- worried about what my Dad's medical appointment would find (he did crack his ribs 4, 5, and 6 in an accident running into a tree branch while riding on his tractor, mowing, but other concerns all were minor -- he was worried he'd need surgery on his rotator cuff.)

- worried about being locked out of my work laptop (support gave me a magic code that solved that).

- worried about whether my nibling W-- contracted COVID from his vaccinated & mask-wearing orthodontist who had contracted COVID. He did not, so my sister will still be relieving me on Friday.

Anyhow, hopefully today i can get some work done.
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