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South Carolina, where you need to be warned about setting fireworks off near propane.

Signs warning that no fireworks should go off near propane in South Carolina

Because the gas station sells both.

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I finished Hail Mary Project last night because i had a beer at dinner and my self control was just that much reduced. I didn't wanna go for a walk in low 90°F with high humidity. I enjoyed it, but Christine and i had a nice chat critiquing various plot and characterization aspects. I look forward to finding out why KT gave a side eye at one point (but she enjoyed it as well).

Mushroom stew turned out well, and Grandmámá liked the tiny conchigliette pasta. The small container of thyme in the cabinet had never been opened and was "best by" 31 Jan 2017. I used lots. I think the new seasoning stood out for her. I didn't have rice flour and used double wheat flour -- i don't think i needed to double it, but it was still lovely. No veggie stock, so i used Goya sofrito as a veggie base.
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