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Florida skies with a cumulonimbus (over-exposed) and a dramatic anvil

I think i have sort of settled in.

When i arrived at 4 pm on Thursday i was overwhelmed, partly because Dad's cousin C-- didn't really have an organized schedule for me or anything like that. Friday i found something posted in her room, which would have made a great starting point, but even that bugs me. How hard is a schedule, in order, of the day's needs? And the days the garbage gets picked up, and the paper comes, etc, etc?

Then there was a sort of shocking news about bathing (i'm leaning on my sister who bathes Mom for this) and the discovery that there's a plumbing issue. I'm pretty sure the black water pipe from the toilet is cracked and perhaps partly blocked and leaking into the wall and floor. Maybe even another pipe. I suspect the worst, in fact, and that major work will be needed. But hey, no plumber available until Friday, when i am handing off to my sister. Note that a full accounting will be left for her, plus a programmed thermostat so that at least at night it won't be 78°F in the house. (I'm getting used to it, although i am parked under a rapidly spinning ceiling fan.)

This morning i went to a Mexican (Honduran?) Carniceria to get some supplies. It made for a little adventure. Lots of lovely pan dulce which MAY tempt my grandmother, including a marranitos (Mexican Gingerbread Pig), concha, a sesame seeded cemitas, and something Danish like. I found tamarind and ginger, jicama and chayote, which i bought, but no fresh tropical fruits. Including no plantains.

Apparently Grandmámá prefers soups (oy, soups in Florida in July) -- i suspect we are talking about well cooked, easily eaten food. So i'm making a mushroom soup and roasted diced chaoyote tonight, and then a fish curry with rice tomorrow. C-- had made quite a quantity of cheese and mushroom soup, a large amount of fish and shrimp gumbo, and .. something else is in the freezer. I don't know how much variety Grandmámá wants, but this weekend i can try for variety and the rest of the week i think we can manage left overs. C-- doesn't make pasta, so i'm going to try some.

I went through the spices and it's weirdly duplicative. I assume all the cajun stuff including filé is from my Dad's visits? Although C-- grew up near New Orleans and says that's her style for making gumbo -- but the filé isn't open? Anyhow, i will make do and not buy any more.

Reading Project Hail Mary (Andy Weir) which colleague KT and Christine have both read and found delightful. I started the audio book The Monogram Murders, a "new" Poirot mystery, in the last hour of my drive. I borrowed it a week and a half ago, so only have a few days left. I'll see if i can finish it before it goes to the next person. It is engaging enough, with the mystery less the locked door murders but the new friend of Poirot's learning that Poirot's attention to detail is an important skill.
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