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Friday i didn't have the best work day. I feel like i was still responding to the visit with J--.

Saturday we were partly preparing for B--'s arrival, another friend from college. She was assistant director (?) at the university's art program, where i ... was it a job or volunteering, i can't remember... did some data entry and my first sort of database design, transcribing written records of items in the collection to digital.

I did some weed whacking before i wilted in the humidity. Christine insisted (now that we were de-cluttered) that we meet inside. It was pleasant in some ways, but she misgendered Christine and used a dead name. Christine reacts slowly to these things, coping immediately after, but by Sunday evening some of the triggery things were hitting.

I know for both of us, my coming absence from here looms large.

I spent yesterday afternoon with M&D. Oh, Mom, not wanting to go back to the bathroom or take a nap because i might leave. I assured her i would be there when she woke up. (And was.) I did not have a explicitly meditative time, but i did get to M&D's so yay.

Lunch today were a few okra, mustard and roselle greens, sauteed and in a sandwich with hummus, with a chaser of cucamelon. Odd, but edible. A patty-pan squash (sigh, was labeled as crookneck) is getting to eating size. The first tromboncino female flower bloomed yesterday, and today the fruit was dramatically larger. Wikipedia seems to indicate that this is the time to pick for summer squash usage. Maybe Wednesday i'll have the patty pan and the trombonicino for lunch with whatever okra, before i leave the garden to it's own devices. The lima beans have set tiny tiny fruit. I don't know how the sweet potatoes are going to manage with the herbivory, but if i recall last year correctly, i despaired of vines for a long time, and then everything was covered with sweet potato vine.

Deleted a paragraph here about data management design.
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