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Signs of ebb in the pandemic: Christine’s first trip to the grocery un-masked, we’ve bought new paper towels for when we run out of the terrible generic paper towels, and I had my hair cut and will send the snipped parts off to make wigs for kids. Chatham and nearby Orange Counties are currently classed as "low risk to the unvaccinated" and many other nearby counties are only moderate risk... although some have shifted back to high. I've gone unmasked a few times in public now and recognize that the ebb may not be the end, but i will take the ebb.

I heard from tx_cronopio this morning and will continue to be concerned about her health post acute COVID. A reminder that the personal impacts of COVID will be severe and long for some people.

Talking to the stylist for hours was exhausting, but i like her. Somehow, i do manage to remember details about her life to ask after.

Spent hours over the past few days crating a grocery list database to replace the list on Evernote. We had kept a list of all the things we often buy with them crossed out, and then would uncross and bold them as we needed them. It had some maintenance overhead and fussiness that made it less than ideal, but it had evolved over time. The new system hit some data structure corruption and when i was demo-ing it to Christine. A duplicate database ans logging in and out resolved the snafu, but there was an emotional weight that sank over me as things failed and flailed.

Using the ticky boxes as we put things in the cart though was lovely: the items disappeared from the shopping view. I don't have a design that keeps track of what we buy and when -- it feels it should be possible, but it also feels silly to spend time trying to get there when there is so much to do.

My throat aches, i feel terribly behind at work (due to various outages), and i can't keep up with personal things.... Whine over.
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