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We had rain! Which means the weeds will grow (i haven't missed them), but maybe the plants that haven't been eaten by rabbits or deer will also bound up. And maybe there will be other forage for the critters. I am happy i have some tomatoes i can put out, wish i had some peppers. I keep making excuses but i feel decidedly inadequate to vegetable gardening. I hope that i can improve by the time i retire and want to have a cost effective gardening practice. I drained the rain tank in advance of the rain, but forgot to stop draining it: i don't think i captured much. Hopefully it will all work on Tuesday and we will get more rain then.

Despite preparations for Meeting for Business making me crazy, i rushed a query to my brother in law and nibling E re E-- coming over on Friday to help with yard work. She came, and while she was not significant help, it was fun. We went to the local big box diy store and she bought many succulents and i bought many plants from the mark down racks. We can stop at any time.

Father's day went well. Although i angsted over what to wear outside in the sauna of current weather, everyone was inside when we arrived. I think we didn't leave Dad with a mess, which was my highest goal. Mom, seeing all of us sitting in her house, beamed. And then she started trying to get Dad to do something -- i interceded and explained that L--, M--, & i were hosting the party, that they didn't need to do anything. Carrie and youngest nibling S-- were suitably entertaining, although Dad was delighted to hold court and tell his stories. Nibling E-- made a glorious cake that looked nearly professional.

I don't know what happened Saturday. I am pondering buying hostas for the garden as a spring veg. I suspect they will be much less fussy than asparagus, particularly in that i imagine hostas doing a good job of excluding weeds whereas asparagus i imagine getting overrun. I started moving my future fruit tree notes out of evernote to air table. I'm currently pondering how to get my hands on the Blood/Indian/Cling peach selection that grows true (enough) from seed. The pandemic has made getting various plants very hard: i want to be alert for when i get plants this fall.

Meeting for Business left me unhappy but not conflicted. The fundamental power structure of that meeting (a few people who make decisions unilaterally) and the primacy of the meetinghouse above all values was on display. I had spent too much time during the week on some emails. One person has so much anger around the pianist and her music over zoom: i can't but speculate that there is some misplaced pandemic anger in that. I can't discount the possibility that there may be some longer held desire for worship to be more like traditional Quaker worship, either, but the anger seems so misplaced.

One last Sunday ahead. I feel clear about spending more time connecting with people who mean something to me -- including the niblings -- and taking care of our little bit of planet earth.
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