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Family summer shindigs (f&f, health)

I took Thursday and Friday off, as i have reached the vacation cap. I managed to have a violent reaction to my over-tannic (stewed!) tea on Thursday, and Friday my first dental cleaning since... Fall 2019? took well over an hour. Both left me fairly drained and unwilling to face outside's humidity. Yay, drought stopped, boo, i'm swimming.

Saturday morning my sister was saying she might not come because she was feeling unwell (allergies), and my father called and said my mother was exhausted. Having my brother's family over -- a much more voluble and physical family than mine (a near silent family) and my sister's (slightly more audible) -- for the previous week was apparently tiring them. I had reminded my sister that she could just sit for the duration, but it would be a social time and i couldn't see any way Mom would rest. And i was melting in the humid. I queued the totes and baskets by the door, lucgged the icechest out with Christine and hid in the air conditioning until the last moment.

And the humidity had dropped. We actually had a very pleasant evening visiting and eating. Horseshoes were a hit, i'd saved enough blackberries for E-- & S-- to pick as a diversion, and the fabric markers on the totes was also something the kids engaged in. But they aren't kiddies any more, and were delightful to visit with. And good lord D-- and W-- are tall.

My sisters (counting M--, my SIL) teased me for cooking for 30 and i rejoined that they both have high school boys, i had no idea how much they could eat.

I took left overs to Mom & Dad's yesterday, finding the weather delightful, and we sat on their patio for a long lunch. It was a pleasant visit with them, too.

But now i have peopled to my limit, and Father's day looms as more social. (Fortunately less complicated than expected because my brother's family is taking an excursion for a bit and won't be around for that weekend.)

In worries, my brother's youngest, S--, is 9 and the remaining unvaccinated member of the family. Apparently Singapore isn't letting any unvaccinated non-citizen into the country. My SIL seemed pretty calm relaying the plans for the middle child to fly alone back to Singapore where my brother and his eldest are. They had decided not to leave in case borders locked down even more, and Z-- wouldn't be present for the start of his senior year of high school. So D-- will also get back, and M-- & S-- will remain in California with her parents.

Anyhow, the week approaches. Today looks pretty dreadful outside but maybe i can have in mind some garden plans for Tuesday.
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