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"Not feeling one hundred percent, Charles" -- Robert Green (Alec Baldwin) in The Edge

At least i haven't fallen into a bear trap. Not sure, maybe sinus infection? Ugh. In other trivial complaints, i've been trying to use the voice command + reminder feature on my watch to remind me to take the tea out of the tea pot before it becomes over tannic. It keeps failing. It worked perfectly the first time i tried. Ever since, it interprets the number of minutes in the future as the hour. I'm going to assume the general sense of negativity is all from that.

I work for an organization that has an endowment. When the pandemic hit, the organization rapidly went into financial tourniquet status. I paid for a few conferences out of my own pocket. In the past month we all got a bonus (a set dollar amount for everyone, which is honestly a cheap way to make up for no cost of living increase for those on the lower pay grades -- every percent increase matters). I felt guilty about it, recalled the conference fees, and then just considered it a repayment. The amount finally showed up and Christine wondered at the discrepancy between the amount
and the announced amount, which is rather clear when round numbers are involved. Christine doesn't see my pay stubs. Me, "Taxes." Christine, "Oh." Me, "That's why people complain." And we both rolled our eyes and went on.

Hearing Jeff Bezos claimed a $4000 child tax credit angers me. I know it was whomever was hired to do the taxes, some bright numbers person who delights in the game of getting the best deal for their clients and earning a significant paycheck.

I know that there are lots of people who choose to live lightly and off investments -- including my grandmother and my father. It's how companies have pushed the risk and cost of managing a pension off onto the people the pension was for, and it supports both the liberation of being to change jobs when it suits but also removes the responsibility from companies that chew up people body and/or soul -- i'm looking at you Facebook for your contracted out content moderators and you Amazon for your contracted out drivers and warehouse workers -- from compensating them for the future earnings they give up due to the damage done working. I'm OK with redistributing.
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