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Not sure what yesterday's problem with the phone was that siblings couldn't hear me -- maybe wifi reception where i was sitting? as i was using the wifi and not cell signal. But i used it as the signal to buy a phone NOW and not wait to see if there's a sale in June. I didn't quite make three years with the same phone, which is disappointing.

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NY Times is full in on vaccinated people doing whatever they want, "The vaccine virtually eliminates serious versions of Covid-19 and radically reduces the chances you could contract or spread the virus. For you, Covid is akin to a mild flu that you probably won’t get. You are not at any meaningful risk from a maskless person in the supermarket who may or may not be vaccinated. You face much more danger from the vehicles in the parking lot."

I really really wish we had better data about Long COVID in vaccinated people.

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Meeting for Business yesterday, one more to go. We now have video surveillance outside of the Meeting House with hardly a moment of reflection. When i suggested holding over - we were running late, some folks hadn't heard of the cause of the surveillance -- someone shouted, "No."

This prioritization is in line with my understanding of the goals of the community -- maintaining the historic meeting house. Whether surveillance is welcoming or not part of the consideration.

Next month is my last meeting for business.

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I spent hours after meeting for business untangling feelings about my brother's situation and my sister's judgements about my parents. I think i'm coming down with seeing a balance of happiness vs by-the-book. I hope my sister and i can have some discussions with people with experience who can help us navigate choices.

I also did a "Experiment with Light" meditation. I do need to practice to get back to a hour of silent meditation.

I eventually made it outside -- the day had been cool. I broke more ground for planting in the drive circle -- So. Much. Driveway gravel. mixed into the remarkably nice soil. I don't think it will bother the basil and ground cherries. I put in a few okra before remembering some deer do eat okra. We'll see how these plants manage.

I've a bunch of impulse purchase plants to get in, and two more trays of seedlings.
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