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Ah-ha! The CDC never counted facial coverings as self protection. So of course vaccinated people don't need masks ... to prevent other people from catching COVID from the vaccinated. What the vaccinated person wants to do with their 5% (more or less) risk when exposed is up to them.

Sorry, this may be obvious to everyone else in the United States, but the complete FUBAR in communication and risk management around the pandemic here in the US has hampered straightforward communication.

Meanwhile, my brother's spouse and youngest two children made it to California to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Now Singapore is not letting non Citizens (back) in to the country for a month lockdown. My brother won't risk his eldest, a high school senior, being stuck outside the country when school starts so he and his eldest will stay put. I think my brother said he would come to the states once his spouse returns to Singapore, but ... my brother and scheduling is always theoretical. I keep hving to tell myself that this change of plans is different. With anyone else it'd be easy to go, "Oh Pandemic and Unprecedented Times!" With my brother i have to remind myself this is not yet another case of being jerked around by his chaotic schedule.

I am very sad not to see him, very sad not to have some time with him and my sister talking about our parents.
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