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Met with my sister in the morning and had a meeting to make plans about making progress with our lives and in particular with helping our parents. I explained conditions of enoughness to her and we shared a few and documented them. We will meet Wednesday while my folks are out of the house to do start removing stuff: Dad wants to have the house ready for selling or having care move in. My brother understands he needs to get his stuff out this summer.

Had a tornado warning at 16:45 pm on Monday night. This is the second since we've been here, the first with Marlowe and Christine in the house. I think Christine was a little bemused as i rounded everyone up into the bathroom and turned on the weather radio. The warning was let to expire 17:15 with no trouble and merely a trace of rain (rain drops visible on car, steps).

I could see we had a gap before the next cell was going to arrive so i actually was able to stick the bean seeds that had sprouted on the counter in the ground. It was my single runner bean and some old Violet's Multicolored Butterbeans Pole Lima Bean [Banks County, GA, saved by 4 generations of Violet Brady Westbrook's family. Introduced 2009 by SESE.] They don't seem to be for sale any more (although the willowleaf pole limas now offered look lovely). This was a condition of enoughness i'd shared with my sister - so YAY, done, boom.

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH 163 actually brought rain starting between 17:55 to 17:59 and ending around 18:26 with just 0.13" rain.
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Tags: coe, garden, mom and caa, weather

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