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I hope mother's day unfolded in a way that was gentle with memory, delighting those of you in situations where that is possible. Christine ached a bit with missing her mom. I went to my parents to help them Zoom with Grandmámá --who revealed that she'd visited a nudist colony but didn't want to take off her underpants and sit with bare bottom on *that* (one imagines a grimy plastic seat) and then waited for my sister to zoom over and join Mom and i going through jewelry. It was wonderful to see Mom WANT things. Her father's military pins as we asked if they were his, Mom replied strongly, "THESE ARE MINE." Of the stuff she didn't want there were a few nice pieces and we made sure granddaughters were thought of. I will hold on to things for my brother and his daughter until Mom passes.

It was a lovely weekend but i felt really worried about digestive track disruption since Thursday. I called the insurance company online nurse last night who said talk to my doctor today; an email awaits him.

A lot of reading and distracting myself. I'm watching "Shadow and Bone" with liberal application of fast forward. I get bored very easily with video entertainment these days and so if fast forwarding helps me stay engaged, so be it. I also read a book via The Internet Archive's https://openlibrary.org/ -- it seemed rather longer than some of the fiction i've read digitally lately.

I am sad to have "wasted" the weekend -- especially Saturday. Plants want to be freed of pots, sprouted pole bean seeds sit folded in a towel on the counter (i'm not sure how well that's working). I'm not excited about the bending needed to plant things. Today is green and wet with rain.

I'm beginning to believe i will just get told to wait for things to work themselves out with my body (and the various over the counter solutions already ingested). Worry that this was Serious led me to pack a go bag just in case.

I swear Carrie was barking at fireflies last night. It's an oddly rhythmic bark - gruh-RUF, gruh-RUF, gruh-RUF, gruh-RUF. I'm not sure who the bark is for -- it doesn't seem to be for me. She completely ignores me when i'm there. I feel like it's "I see you, I see you, I see you." Not sure. Fireflies and a barking dog last night.
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