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*Critters*: We saw a turkey in the east yard sometime in April. On Monday we saw two rabbits hopping all around the front yard. Tuesday morning a doe was back at the salt lick.

*Rain*: After some problems with the rain tank diverter it seems to be working again. It has filled up over the past two days rain from being a little over half full. I'd started draining it for use and evaporation had also significantly lowered the level. Rain in April: 1.32 inches. Rain since May 1 through 9 am Saturday: 1.07 inches. Friday's drought monitoriing still had us in significantly dry, but i think i could get seedlings out if other things allow.

We had some incredibly pleasant time outside after two warm humid days. That warm humid weather ended some of the spring flowers, but the tree canopy has thickened out and looks summer-full. Thursday night i was sitting out while airing out the inside. On days like that i wish we had decent cross ventilation and an attic fan. I realized though that the two little bathroom fans aren't nothing, so i've run them to help pull the cool dry air in.

Thursday morning it was so hard to see my father struggling with cables and outlets. Watching him hold the USB charging block in one hand and try to plug an electrical plug in — just for a moment — broke my heart. He's exhausted and depressed and finally admitting it and getting help. I wonder if enough help, but help nonetheless.

Then Mom is confused by the overcast sky, and thinks there's snow and ice and that we need the house warmer.

My dehydrated onion greens, sage, and celery leaf ground into a nice seasoning blend. I tried drying rose petals but baked them more than i did with the single-temp dehydrator. Note to self: shorter next time.

Feeling like a wimp knowing of other's serious health issues, but have been having mysteriously-caused digestive condition since Thursday. Friday's nausea and cramps distracted me so i just disappeared into a novel instead of trying to focus on work. The novel turned out much longer than others i've piceked up online lately and read through much of Saturday. Did get a yard chore done, but so many go waiting. Hoping to get a different OTC solution today. Somewhat distressed by Dr Google, so hope that OTC works.

I initially thought the conditions were brought on by stress, some work issues and my parents. Yay for being fully vaccinated if i do need to go beyond the grocery store drug isles to deal with this.
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