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I feel like my schedule went from zero to sixty. My brother's family is coming to the states this summer, and visiting our area in June. I spent much of yesterday on plans -- video calls to brief my brother on the state of COVID here and to get their plans, junket to the state park to check out pavilions for Father's Day, discussions re choices, renting pavilions, realizing i always regret not having a swimsuit the one or two times i visit the lake with family so buying a swimsuit (and almost picking wrong sizes a few times), picking out fabric dye pens and dyeables for a gift for the kids.

While i took some time off Friday and did some yard work -- and then Christine's sister was over for a film on the deck Friday night -- the rest of the weekend i was on my laptop.

I also have plans to go to the Tampa area in July to stay with my Grandmámá (and will switch off with my sister) while my Dad's cousin takes a break. Grandmámá is finally going to get a vaccine, apparently, as her county is finally bringing them to housebound seniors. (And she did get her shot on Monday.) Maybe when i'm there she will be well enough to go out. My Dad has set an expectation of basically being housebound except for during her afternoon nap.

After a year of no events, this seems like a muchness.

--== ∞ ==--

I am realizing my sister has a better insight into just how frail my father is. She's pushing to get him moved out of the current large and expansive home to something managable.... and i think i'm ready to support that. He is overwhelmed with Mom's care. It's been a very demanding two years since the stroke.

Ugh, all the stuff they have.
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