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Lil' bits of reality intruding as my sister and i consult each other on Dad's capacity for caring for Mom. I admit to pessimism when it comes to finding people to help. Dad's planning to hire a woman who used to be a waitress at a restaurant he regularly went to. My sister's having a fit because she's not trained. I'm striving for the balance: Dad knows the woman and is confident she won't be flaky, like the first person he called. I think about the "training" i received to be a babysitter: was it really something i could have used if something happened to a kid?

I can't get as frazzled as my sister over the lack of training, especially knowing Dad has evidence of reliability in knowing her for several years. Over the fact the woman didn't have a vaccine: that was maddening.

I modeled the "I can't wait for my two weeks to pass" as part of my visit.

My sister took my mom to the art museum Wednesday, to the delight of them both. I regret the outings missed due to COVID. Would i have made the time? I hope i have learned to do so.

And to that, i need to think up some road trip for Dad, Mom, and I. I've written a mailing list query to the NC Wildflower organization.

Worked at M&D's yesterday. Despite Dad sleeping the entire time Mom was out with L, he seemed pretty drained and did not go out and mow -- his exercise and break that he's taken the last two times i was there. We visited, and discussed one of the road trip replies i got by lunch.
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Tags: covid-19, f&f, mom and caa

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