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Moderna #2 (cats, covid-19, reading notes)

Left home at noon with tuna salad sandwiches made by C. She drove to Rocky Mount, went in for her shot, and i walked Carrie. I discovered a small wildflower i'd not seen before called corn salad. My shot went smoothly but i got it in the wrong arm (the one i sleep on). I made the 90+ min drive home.

1. Wow, i am out of practice.
2. So if i plan to drive to Tampa in July to stay with Grandmámá so cousin C can take some time off, maybe i need to think about how to manage the ten hour drive and not just wave it off as "no problem."

Not sure i was tired from shot or drive, but read novels all evening. Pizza for dinner (as no more veggie lasagna available in catering trays).

Slept poorly because of bad eating decisions on my part, and having to restrict Edward's dinner.

Christine took Edward Cat to the vet early for teeth cleaning and, it turned out, several tooth removals. Worked 8 to 11 before brain fuzz over took me and i began reading "The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2020" and noted the breadth of perspective. I see you, internalized misogyny. Christine came down with terrible chills and aches. I was perked back up in late afternoon, but used my energy for a grocery run and retrieval of Edward. He's come through in good spirits, and this morning has developed a new thing which is attacking the giant bag of kibble. Poor boy has enforced diet and prep for the cleaning meant reduced food. As a diabetic, we can't just let him make up for it.
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Tags: cats, covid-19, reading notes

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