E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Experiment with Light

Listened to modern language long version of the https://experiment-with-light.org.uk/ meditation.

Very clear that i want to experience the depth of relationship with the Light I have had in the past. And then that I have a concern about that being SELFISH, a concern I recognize from years ago, a concern that I thought attending my current Semiprogramned meeting might address in thatI could more easily share. Instead I've been loosing the connection.

Later I grew a clairity that questioning of Selfishness blocks hearing the Leadings.

I fear becoming a totally inward looking person who doesn't leave the world better. Writing that I don't think that's a reasonable worry relative to the general track of my life. I think I need to let that worry go and trust that I will listen to what I am called to do.
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Tags: experiment with the light

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