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For somedayseattle: i was listening to WKNC, the college radio station of my college years, as i drove home. 80's new wave. "Yes, fine, a little retro." Then i thought about it, when i was at NC State in the late 80s, the comparable retro would have been --- the 50's?! No one would have played 50's music on 'KNC when Christine was in charge. I don't even think there was a specifically 60s show. There was a new wave show -- is this, i wonder, the same new wave show still playing? Surely not. Anyhow, more evidence the Triangle area radio scene is stuck in some deep mud.

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There was a bit of damp that came through, but we are back to mild dry weather. Inside, the dew point is 55°F; outside it is 41°F. It's times like this that i wish we had an attic fan to powerfully vent the house and pull in this lovely air. This wish occurs maybe 20 days out of 365, so i have no plans to do anything about it -- except i realized we have tiny little attic fans, the venting fans in the bathrooms. So they're on while i am out on the back porch, studiously ignoring the pollen coating everything. (The rains over the weekend cleaned up the outdoors.)
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Tags: listening notes, weather

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