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Friday morning, Saturday morning (25°F), and Sunday morning had frosts or more. Some things seem no worse for wear. The saucer magnolia's open flowers all turned a rust red and will fall over the next few days, but new buds and leaves will quickly take the place of the frozen flowers.

The mulberry leaves crumble at the touch. Little bits of chestnut and fig leaves that stick out from the buds do too. Stilt grass is unfazed.

The good of the past three days was taking the time off and being outside. Also a brief gather with parents, L, her husband and daughter. (Sister and parents fully vaccinated, brother-in-law and myself one shot of Moderna). Her son is off on a vacation with a friend's family on a catamaran in the Caribbean. This is life like my brother's family, not familiar to me, but i'm glad for both him and my sister for weighing the risks and letting him go. Christine stayed home knowing she was in no place to see people.

Invasive plants here:

* tree of heaven: countable number of trees and sprouts that i can imagine coping with. Rank 1 threat
* autumn olive: an army of plants with thorns (and one went through my leather gloves into my hand, curses). Rank 1 threat
* honeysuckle: sigh. If it's not up in a tree, i am not currently bending over to pull it up. If i'm already bent over, sure. Rank 1 threat
* stilt grass: I have dreams of getting this under some control. If i could get past the front guard of autumn olive and then whack the plant down before it sets seed.... Rank 1 threat

It's possible that some Asian bittersweet and mile a minute vine might be here: i'll be keeping a closer eye out for those. And i think the Autumn olive out competes the privet. I only find an occasional one or two of thise. Once i found a sprig of English ivy in the woods. Eradicated THAT then and there. Out of 27 rank 1 threats, that's not bad. It's just an awful lot of two of them.

I am surprised that no where in the threats is Duchesnea indica, a strawberry-like plant from India that sprawls EVERY where. It is, i have found out, an edible green. A little fuzzier than i prefer, but i tossed it in with my salad last night - violets, garden sorrel, radiccio, the celery that is looking like celery!, lemon balm and anise hyssop, an onion leaf. It was fine! There's no way i can eat it out of existence, but it's nice to know.

Christine's blues have gotten to me off and on, triggering my own tears; i'm trying to let it pass through me and move on.

I hope that i can return to work with a crisp focus. I did spend some time on the Meeting this weekend -- over an hour on a memo about the previous weekends meeting. I did get a somewhat manipulative email from C hoping i would stay until the new structure is in place. I indicated i hoped we'd be done before my deadline too.

I do feel i have such high maintenance needs.
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