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Thursday's post delayed (garden, covid-19)

Not gonna bury the lede: Christine & I have appointments for the vaccine (1.5 to 2 hours away) on Monday. We discussed it when we finally saw appointments. Originally we'd said we wouldn't drive so far, because sure, there will be vaccines enough for everyone eventually. But i suppose it's the psychology of scarcity or something: seeing available appointments after a week plus of looking was too much. On the other hand, given some browser issues i had, i wonder if i had been looking at pages that were supposed to have appointments in the past. This time Christine assured me they were there and suggested another browser. So maybe it wouldn't have seemed so miraculous if the page had been working correctly in the past.

Glum weather, frustrating work day, and Christine is emanating a pool of negative emotions.

I think i'm still rippling from connecting the memories of childhood trauma with my own aches in the vicinity of resigning from Meeting. I am communicating to Meeting that this is mainly about needing to be with family, which is true in the sense that spending time with family is far more rewarding and meaningful than with Meeting. I got a call from the person who is assistant clerk to clarify my email, which i appreciated. I've received an email that was gracious and kind.

But there are good things. Even when i follow up immediately with a negative.

Trout lilies have sprouted.[1] The Virgina waterleaf has sprouted, another new plant. The Virginia Blue Bells are sprouting and i'm so surprised to see how they sprout with flower buds at the same time. [2] Daffodils are a riot![3]

Butterflies: began noticing butterflies over the weekend of the 20th. I had seen cabbage white [4] earlier, saw azure, sulfur, tiger swallowtail over the weekend.

(The vaccine appointment)

[1] three of ten bulbs have started.
[2] i am just sure that nearby milkweed is not going to come back.
[3] But it seems one variety of the yellow bulbs i put in isn't back. I've about 10 of the 15 that have returned.
[4] I guess i need to spray my brassicas with neem or diatomaceous earth
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