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Friday was Way Warmer Than Right for March.

Thursday changes: no bud breaks on lilac, but tiny slivers of lipstick pink visible on the saucer magnolia. The "Aunt Rachel" Peony -- one from Christine's aunt -- has sprouted! I haven't killed it! I'll move it to near the Aunt Rachel Apple (an heirloom apple from this county, selected with delight because Aunt Rachel is on the Apple side of Christine's family).

Friday, lots of pink visible in the micro "courtyard". Lots of bluets in the bit of "lawn" to the west of the garden plot! Huzzah! I do hope they grow up in the mossy glade, too, but i wonder if the moss is too thick. The spice bush and the spring beauties are blooming, both delicate signs of spring that don't shout their presence.

I'm sure i'll think of more. I distributed lime, feather meal, bone meal, and potassium in the garden plot, started on the manure, and found digging weeds in the sun too much. So i dug weeds out of the north berm in the orchard, which is mostly shaded by the pines still. I found a happy cluster of purple dahlia tuber and a few liatris corms, split them, and replanted them in a place that will be easier to see them with some peach colored glads that i has marked from last year.

Most of my gladiolas, collected from a large patch the previous owners let go rampant, are a soft pink, but a few are a peach color. I'd like more of the peach ones, so i'm rescuing those. I planted the area that's hard to reach, between catnip and the fig tree, with rescued pink glads. I need to get some boxes to send gladiola bulbs to others (and if you want some, let me know & send me your address).

Anyhow, back outside.

[Originally posted Saturday, March 13th, 2021 06:59 am -- (i question that time stamp) cross posted by hand]
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