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Friday night i picked up dinner at the Mexican restaurant near the the big box building supply store. I was picking up the metal “rail caps” that will be installed on top of the rough cut cedar as splinter-free touch points (even though the stairs are great and I do not feel the need for a rail any more, happy happy happy dance), so ordering take out seemed a fun idea. The parking lot for the restaurant was full on a Friday night. Inside tables were full of people, multiple families with children at one table, a party of six men waiting for a table while I waited for food.

I didn't feel anxiety but i was very aware of high risk space i was in. I wasn't happy about it and won't pick up food from there again. At least the space had a very high ceiling.

The good news is that the county's level has dropped to the middle level assessment at the NYTimes, high instead of very high, so that's reassuring.

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Saturday and Sunday were mostly about digging in the garden and then being an achy creaky thing.

Yesterday i saw my first tiny bluet (Houstonia pusilla). I've seen them in mid February, in previous years. It does seem that while this winter hasn't been dramatic this year -- we missed the cold snap -- it's been more sustained.
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