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I need to figure out how to hold my to-do list lightly.

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Once upon a time i bought a crypto token in an early offering. I don't technically have an allowance, but it was kinda like spending my allowance on it. It was before Christine got fed up with crypto herself. Time passed. The tokens are now worth ten times as much as i paid for them. I kinda want to get my investment in dollars back out. And maybe convert some to ₿itcoin. So far it seems the one exchange i as an American can play in that also has the token i own has no straightforward way to handle getting dollars into my bank account. I guess this is why people invented so called stable coins, crypto currencies tied to fiat currencies. Meanwhile, i've already evaporated some ₿itcoin in "gas" fees, the fees for committing a transaction on the blockchain ledger.

I remember sitting in a conference room years ago listening to tech dudes rhapsodize about putting your twitter handle on the blockchain. "Yeah, it's only a few cents for the transaction now, what are you going to do when the financial incentives switch from mining to the fees to commit the transactions?*" Today i spent roughly $25 to transfer ₿itcoin out of a dead end account. Presumably we spent something similar getting it into the dead end account.

However, the answer to my question is, "We create our own blockchain with different financial incentives that uses our own tokens to pay for transactions." Those are the tokens i bought.

Anyhow, years of theoretical understanding of distributed ledgers (aka blockchain technology) are now slightly less theoretical. I am happy to answer questions about blockchain tech (although i am no expert). I am a noob when it comes to cryptofinance, and my ₿itcoin blunder is not likely one anyone will make but here's the lesson.

If you have a Stacks Wallet with STX in it, and have just decided maybe you want some of your STX to exchange elsewhere, upgrade to the latest version (4.0+) before attempting a transaction. Do not deposit bitcoin in your Stacks wallet for gas. Even though the transaction initially fails because you do not have enough gas, that's not why the transaction is failing!

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Evernote fury number i can't even: I quote from the documentation:
You can encrypt text in a note to add an extra level of protection to private information, such as: account information, travel details, and personal letters. While you can encrypt the text content in a note, you cannot encrypt an entire note or notebook.
Note: This feature is not yet available in the new Evernote for Mac or new Evernote for Windows.

Unmentioned is that it's not supported on the web or mobile either. (Admittedly never was supported there either). Encryption, along with a few other things that Evernote is not deigning to support, were functions i identified when moving to Evernote. If Airtable had offline access the temptation to quit paying Evernote and pay Airtable would be huge.
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