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Tuesday was my birthday, 53 (note 5+3=8) and my Pa's, 80 (8+0 = 8). Christine noticed the numerological reduction.

I couldn't get to sleep easily Monday night, so the 7 am Zoom on Tuesday with Singapore sib, spouse, and niblings, local sib, spouse, and niblings, and Dad came awfully fast. Dad was on-line well in advance: yay, i did not have to help (although setting the meeting with join anytime may have helped with the successful early connection).

Christine had left out a new tea cup for me, which was a sweet surprise. Elephants stampeded her off and on all day. It's been rough.

My sister brought by 250 lbs of cow manure as my birthday gift. (Card: "Holy crap, it's your birthday. Hope it doesn't stink.") She was very giggly about the gift, and i was amused. I've already disbursed fifty pounds in the spot for the tomatoes. The extra nitrogen probably will help given it's surrounded by fresh woodchips.

Speaking of woodchips, i ordered the King Stropharia grain spawn -- a mushroom that grows well in wood chips. Site said they propagate it and it would take four weeks... it shipped yesterday. Hope it can go in the chips pronto. I did notice some other fungus is already colonizing. C'est la vie. I do hope i get some mushrooms, as i have found i enjoy adding dried mushrooms to soup. But the most important thing is to convert the chips to nice soil while the chips keep the weeds at bay.

My sister in law has also bought a mushroom growing gift. I am at somewhat of a loss to identify a container that can sit out to collect the coffee and tea remains while also hosting the fungus. Seems like something the internet would have, but everything seems to be for the very expert way of growing mushrooms, not "i'm dumping coffee grounds each day in this thing with mushroom spawn. https://shop.mushroommountain.com/collections/indoor-fruiting-kits/products/coffee-cultivator
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