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Exhausted (quaker notes, justice, garden, 354)


* read journal entries from Feb 2020 and reflected on upcoming birthday as anniversary of the end of pre-covid life
* pruned apple trees,
* put the cover on the greenhouse,
* prepared and ran meeting for business,
* read the first three Girl Genius novels,
* ...all accompanied by the masons putting the stone veneer over the foundation for the steps and the porch. So sawing sounds of brick and stone and the vague discomfort of others about the place.

Monday was gloom until the late afternoon, a meeting kept me from going outside. Tuesday the masons finally finished on a lovely day. I kept thinking they were about done, so hovered, and they didn't finish until just before 8 pm. Yesterday i did get outside and managed to jam up the chipper with my first branches: the exit flap stuck and now all the chips are packed around the fly wheel. That's a disassembly job. I manage to find new failure modes on the chipper all the time, it seems. I think it's me, not the chipper, but arrgghh.

Gas powered equipment and i.... My thought goes back to around 1993ish when i bought my first spark plug gap measure widget and set out to figure out how to do maintenance on the Bonneville myself. Then the Bonneville was stolen. With the insurance payout i bought my first computer that had, if i recall correctly, a massive gigabyte drive. All in all, a good trade. I'm getting a little training now.

I'm carrying some racial equity concerns for Meeting. A fair question was raised about an action, and we are going to use a process to get clarity. I recognize that there's a great deal of eye rolling from others with our bothering to think through the implications. I'm hoping that this process isn't divisive but an honest exercise. Three of us, including the curmudgeon, have some experience with wider Quakerdom (i'd be the least experienced of the three of us). The fourth is earnestly progressive, so i don't think the process headaches i've had will be an issue. Since the curmudgeon and the person who brought it up both have some experience with the divisiveness i think they are cautious.

"I believe it is acceptable for communities of dominant cultures to expend resources, take time, to evaluate impact of their actions with respect to marginalized communities. This is a skill set that needs to be exercised and practiced; if we can practice on a small stage it will help us be effective in the wider world. I also recognize that may be no single right action that makes all potential parties content: our choice to to engage in this process may itself be contentious. There is a time constraint that limits how long we may effectively labor on this, so the possibility of the slow transformation of our understanding into unity is not a tool at our disposal."

Working through that (on Thursday morning) helped me set the agenda for tonight (Friday's) meeting.
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