E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Saturday morning (weather, garden)

It's gloriously lovely outside. The sun was surprisingly high in the sky: we're just over 11 hours of light. We've been 12 mostly gloomy days (a few clear mornings) and the sun is rising probably 20 minutes earlier than it was at the beginning of this stretch of gloom. (Bah, next weekend, which i was thinking of as a long birthday weekend, looks gloomy again.)

I've four freshly rooted sweet potato vines that i'd clipped from cuttings i took this fall a couple weeks ago. Four more original cuttings seem OK, although i don't see any new growth -- they'd need to sprout a new "branch" to have new growth. The Thai basil has survived, it's pot with built in saucer has cracked though. The large footprint of the pot takes up half a growing tray. The plant may be evicted. A similar pot holds lemon grass that has survived Marlow's morning gnawings. I think it could manage in the living room if i want to reclaim the space at the window for starting seeds. The Malabar spinach has not grown much into the fancy vine support i bought for it, but it has set a fruit (small berry) that is ripening.

Daffodils are sprouting....
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