E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Another day of February gloom (morning writing, health, weather)

Despite my feeling i did nothing yesterday, as i wallowed in a sense of malaise post a rare night of insomnia, i did manage to clear out my inbox. I'm pretty sure it was because in my state of reduced energy it was easy to delete things and to declare other messages too old to bother with. I am not the correspondent i want to be.

Another day of gloom today, which i will fight with the sun lamp and by doing steps with the garden tub step in the bathroom. I think the teeny bit of exercise last night helped. I should do more.

I think we had less threatening weather last night than forecast. It seems temperatures hovered at 33°F -- no ice this morning. I hope the rest of the country's power grid recovers quickly, and that clean water returns to peoples' homes.
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Tags: health, morning writing, weather

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