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We are at the extreme edge of the second storm, totally missed out on the first. When i went out around 9:30 am i could hear a clattering sound from the wind in the pines: i think we did accumulate a little ice. But now it's just pouring rain as it hovers at 33°F.

Last night i spoke to my sister who was in disaster preparedness mode last night, and i was scoffing: it was in the 40s until 1 am. Tonight we have a risk of power loss, so i'll ensure a little preparation. I note if we were to loose power it is just at freezing and will warm up tomorrow. I do recognize that repairs will lag, given the national demand. Mainly, i realize i should have been starting the generator periodically. We should be able to get gas for it in a power outage situation, so, again, i think we are appropriately prepared. (Probably need to get gas soon anyhow for the chipper and the wheeled weed whacker.)

I had insomnia last night, which is a blessedly rare event for me. All Wednesday i wasn't feeling particularly well, and i had hid the whole evening in an e-book from the library (Dabos, Christelle. A Winter’s Promise. Translated by Hildegarde Serle. The Mirror Visitor Quartet 1). Tuesday night i had a back spasm. I suspect that if i do some exercise or yoga tonight i will sleep well.

I've been thinking back to a year ago and that's been disorienting. I've skimmed through last February's entries.

Hysterical giggles at, "I think the news of US politics and the coronavirus have become a monotonous relentlessness, that has deadened my curiosity. " -- Feb 14, 2020. Oh dear.

I also note, "I'm not feeling great, a miasma that is emotional, physical, and cognitive. I will try and write about good things." -- Feb 11, 2020 Am i just allergic to February?
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